iceComing to theatres this Friday, January 20 and to DVD/VOD next Tuesday, January 24:

Luc Jacquet

Cannes 2015

Select Festivals:
Busan, Vancouver, Adelaide, Cleveland, Seattle, Traverse City, SF Green, Washington DC Environmental, Helsinki, Bergen

A glaciologist looks back on his pioneering work exposing the dangers of climate change.

In 1956, while in his early 20s, Claude Lorius set off on the first of countless expeditions to study glaciers, most to Antarctica. Based on the observations he made in these early years, he began to speak out about the dangers posed by manmade elevations of global temperature – and, of course, was largely ignored. Now in his 80s, the glaciologist reflects on his lifelong work as he is shown returning to the much changed region – but the bulk of the film captures the Frenchman in his earlier years, via a treasure trove of footage shot by him and his fellow researchers. Sadly, as he did in his original, anthropomorphic version of THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, Jacquet unnecessarily doctors this footage, in this case employing a garrulous voice actor to narrate the material to within an inch of its life, and employing a ceaselessly distracting score to make it even harder to appreciate this intriguing period footage, effectively ruining what could have been a compelling project.


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