In Theatres & On TV: LA 92

Coming to theatres today, Friday, April 28 and to NatGeo this Sunday, April 30:
LA 92

Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin

Tribeca 2017

A revisitation of the incidents that sparked what were known as the LA Riots in 1992.

Lindsay and Martin’s project, one of several commemorating the 25th anniversary of the protests that brought Los Angeles to a standstill, eschews present-day commentary to instead assemble a gripping narrative from archival sources. The result offers an immersive unfolding of the inciting episodes that painted in stark relief the systemic racism in both law enforcement and the judicial system, most notably the shooting of an African-American teenager by a Korean bodega clerk and the vicious beating of Rodney King by several police officers – both crimes which saw little to no punishment meted out. As LA’s underserved communities – largely but not exclusively African American, responded with escalating protests, looting, violence, and arson, the viewer is reminded not only of the 1965 Watts riots briefly shown here, but, of course, of the persistent abuses of justice that have spawned the Black Lives Matters movement in the present day – and is forced to wonder why the situation still hasn’t improved.


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