In Theatres: FINDING KIM

Coming to theatres via Tugg starting this Thursday, June 1:

Aaron Bear

Seattle 2016

Select Festivals:
Nashville, Rhode Island, SF DocFest

A Seattle FTM begins his transition at the age of 49.

For more than 40 year, Kim never felt comfortable, but only recently understood why: though biologically female, Kim was male. Nearing 50, Kim embarks on his transition to live fully as a man, and director Bear takes the viewer step-by-step through the process. Kim recounts long years of struggle, isolation, and confusion, while experts too-often interrupt with PSA-like insights. While Bear benefits from following an affable, likeable subject, there unfortunately really isn’t very much to distinguish this project from countless other transgender portraits over the years that have already addressed familiar topics, from preparing for surgeries and adjusting to hormonal changes to coming out as trans later in life amd navigating coming out at work or to potential romantic partners.

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