Los Angeles 2017: Documentary Overview

The 23rd Los Angeles Film Festival

June 14-22

Film Independent’s annual event showcases just over 70 features – among them nearly two dozen documentaries.

Ten world premiere titles are part of the Documentary Competition, including: Ema Ryan Yamazaki’s MONKEY BUSINESS: THE ADVENTURES OF CURIOUS GEORGE’S CREATORS (pictured), which traces Hans and Margaret Rey’s escape from Nazi-occupied Europe; Sara Lamm’s THANK YOU FOR COMING, the filmmaker’s exploration of her biological origins; Julia Meltzer’s DALYA’S OTHER COUNTRY, which follows a young Syrian refugee as she adjusts to life in Los Angeles; Arshad Khan’s ABU, about the director’s process of coming to terms with his sexuality, and its impact on his family; and Valerie Red-Horse Mohl’s MANKILLER, a portrait of the first female principal chief of the Cherokee Nation.

Additional nonfiction programming appears in other sections, including LA Muse, with Bobby Kim, Alexis Spraic, and Scott Weintrob’s BUILT TO FAIL: A STREETWEAR STORY, on the history of the multibillion streetwear clothing industry; Delila Vallot’s MIGHTY GROUND, a portrait of a Skid Row singer and drug addict; and Mark Hayes’ SKID ROW MARATHON, about a running club for the marginalized, run by a superior court judge; Premieres, which offers Jay Bulger’s portraits of young boxers, COUNTERPUNCH; and Free Screenings, which include Mike Tollin’s 25-years-in-the-making profile of a Inglewood CA high school basketball team, MORNINGSIDE 5 (pictured).


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