Coming to theatres today, Friday, June 23:

Zaradasht Ahmed

IDFA 2016

Select Festivals:
CPH:DOX, Thessaloniki Doc, One World, Göteborg, Cleveland, Sarasota, Docs Against Gravity, Sydney, Seattle, DocAviv, Human Rights Watch NYC, London, and Toronto

A personal tour through daily life in Iraq.

Ahmed provides an intimate, immersive view of the lives of everyday Iraqis through his protagonist, Nori Sharif, a nurse who he teaches to use a camera. When the film begins, in 2011, Nori and his fellow countrymen are hopeful that the withdrawal of American troops means that their independent nation might finally be permitted peace. By the time this powerful, evocative, and very personal film ends, it’s 2014, and the encroachment of ISIS forces Nori, his wife, and their four young children to flee for their lives. Nori initially captures moments from his work at the Jalawla Emergency Hospital, but this relative tranquility soon gives way to an increasingly unstable Iraq, which costs Nori his job, and, as the viewer is later shown, destroys the hospital. As the Sharifs try to find some sanctuary, Nori documents their dire situation, and that of their fellow Iraqis. He serves as an on-the-ground Everyman, a citizen, not a soldier, whose every moment is nevertheless consumed with the impact of war, making his collaboration with Ahmed a stark, human, and unforgettable chronicle of life in wartime.

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