Traverse City 2017: Documentary Overview

The 13th Traverse City Film Festival

July 25-30

Approximately 100 features screen at this event founded by Michael Moore, including over 40 feature docs.

The festival remains a highly curated one, primarily presenting to its audiences a rich selection of titles that have made their debuts within the last year at Sundance, Toronto, SXSW, and Tribeca, among other events. Beyond those offerings, there is a smattering of less familiar or brand-new nonfiction fare, including Brian Kaufman’s 12TH AND CLAIRMOUNT (pictured), an exploration of the 1967 Detroit race riots; Myron Dewey, Josh Fox, and James Spione’s AWAKE, A DREAM FROM STANDING ROCK, which follows the protests that began last summer; Anniken Hoel’s CAUSE OF DEATH: UNKNOWN, in which the filmmaker investigates the death of her mentally ill sister due to medication side effects; the omnibus LIBYA IN MOTION, presenting portraits of life of everyday Libyans, part of the fest’s Travel Ban section; and Àngel Parra and José Antonio Blanco’s SOUL, a dual portrait of renowned Japanese chef Jiri Ono and Spanish chef Eneko Atxa, part of the Food on Film sidebar.

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