Dokufest 2017 Overview

The 16th Dokufest

August 4-12

The well-respected Prizren, Kosovo festival features a curated collection of approximately 80 international nonfiction feature standouts as well as new regional work, noted below.

Among the more than a dozen works in the Balkan Dox competition are: Daniëlle Bremer’s LORD OF THE HOUSE, following the struggles of a Kosovar midwife to gain her family’s respect; Stefan Malešević’s GORA (pictured), an exploration of a Slavic Muslim people; Aron Sekelj’s LANDSCAPES OF WAR, LANDSCAPES OF PEACE, a meditation on war through the topographies it’s affected; Lidija Zelović’s MY OWN PRIVATE WAR, a personal reflection on the long-lasting scars of war; Ilir Hasanaj’s TO WANT, TO NEED, TO LOVE, which follows a newly broken-up artist couple as they continue to perform together; Robert Tomić Zuber’s A MILLION DOLLAR LIFE, about parents desperately fighting to save their young daughter’s life; and Bojana Burnać’s MY LIFE WITHOUT AIR, on a champion free driver.

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