In Theatres: BUGS

Coming to theatres tomorrow, Wednesday, September 27:

Andreas Johnsen

Tribeca 2016

Select Festivals:
Edinburgh, Seattle, Docaviv, Docs Against Gravity, Melbourne, Reykjavik, Denver, Vlnius

A global insect-eating expedition seeks new sources of food for the world.

Motivated by predictions of the need for ramped up food production to sustain an estimated world population of nine billion people by 2050, the Nordic Food Labs are on a quest to make insects palatable to Western audiences. Its head chef, Ben Reade, and lead researcher, Josh Evans, travel around the world to source sustainable, fair, and tasty bugs. Johnsen follows them as they dig up all manner of larvae, termites, and bees and serve as guides to the likely squirming viewer. While largely an informative but somewhat food adventure television-stylized survey for most of its run time, the film becomes more intriguing as Reade and Evans grow somewhat disillusioned, recognizing the market forces which seem sure to undercut their hopes for economic fairness and sustainability.


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