Coming to theatres tomorrow, Friday, November 3:

Cristina Herrera Borquez

Havana 2016

Select Festivals:
Palm Springs, Human Rights Watch, Guanajuato, Kashish Mumbai LGBT, Ambulante, DocsMX, Outfest, Seattle, Warsaw

A gay Mexican couple fights local government to get married.

After the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that same sex marriage was legal, longtime couple Victor and Fernandez decide to wed. It ends up being far from easy, as their small-minded local government officials in Mexicali defy the federal ruling and set up a seemingly endless, and increasingly absurd, series of obstacles. From claims of discrepancies in paperwork to utterly unfounded accusations that the would-be grooms have dementia, wedding date after wedding date is postponed, straining the couple’s emotional and mental well-being, as well as that of their legal counsel. Herrera Borquez follows them over the two year ordeal as the men take a stand on their home turf, rather than marry in the more liberal Mexico City as other couples opt to do. Although a less familiar case than the US’s own Proposition 8, this oddly-titled documentary covers a well-trod topic, and, filmmaking-wise, is decidedly roughly constructed – its only saving grace is the strength of its appealing, genuine main subjects.


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