Coming to theatres today, Friday, November 10:

Alex Gibney

New York Film Festival 2017

Select Festivals:
London, Double Exposure, Cork

An investigation into an unsolved 1994 murder in Northern Ireland.

In the waning years of the Troubles, masked gunmen entered a pub in the small village of Loughinisland, killed six Catholic men, and wounded several others who were watching the 1994 World Cup. Though promised swift justice, the survivors have remained without answers for over two decades, and no one was ever charged in the crime. Gibney revisits the cold case, in the process offering a review of the larger conflict between Irish Catholics and Protestants that informs the massacre, sadly one of many. Here, it serves as something of a symbolic representation of the complex and comprised systems of justice in play during and after the Troubles, chiefly in its focus on the charge of collusion between Northern Ireland police and the Ulster Volunteer Force, a loyalist paramilitary group that is suspected as being behind the attack. In his thorough investigation, Gibney details suspicious police behavior, including destroying or misplacing evidence, and is able to track down information that enables him to identify suspects who, until now, were kept under wraps. While the larger significance of the crime may not fully be conveyed to non-Irish audiences, robbing the project of some sense of urgency and outrage, it’s clear through the participation of some of the survivors that Gibney’s investigation has at least brought a long hoped for closure.


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