Cinema Vérité 2017 Overview

The 11th Cinema Vérité: Iran International Documentary Film Festival

December 10-17

This Tehran event offers more than 70 new and recent features, as well as retrospective and shorts programming.


Among the festival’s competition titles in the feature and midlength categories, are Erika Rossi’s EVERY SOUL OF MY BODY, in which a woman learns about her late mother’s experiences during WWII via her diary; Filippo Ticozzi’s MOO YA, a portrait of a blind African man who decides to leave his rural village; Christopher Ian Smith’s NEW TOWN UTOPIA, an exploration of a failed utopian community; and Alejandro G Salgado’s BOLINGO. THE FOREST OF LOVE, which follows African mothers as they attempt to cross the border into Europe.


The event also features several non-competitive strands, including Special Screenings, with Marcelo Novais Teles’ THE EXILED, in which the filmmaker chronicles his life in Paris as an actor, and Rossella Schillaci’s IMPRISONED LULLABY, a portrait of a young Italian mother who raises two of her children in jail; Another Look, with Hernan Talavera’s SONG IN THE NIGHT, in which a separated couple connect through a video diary, and Tamara Stepanyan’s THOSE FROM THE SHORE, about Armenian asylum seekers in France; and Our Time, with Adam Kossoff’s ONE OR THE OTHER, an essay about the Israel/Palestine conflict and the role of Western diasporic communities, and Signe Astrup’s THE FORGOTTEN ARMY, a profile of former members of the East German military.


Additional non-competitive strands include Portraits, featuring Antoine Waked and Badih Massaad’s A CERTAIN NASSER, on a man who persisted in making films despite Lebanon’s lack of a film industry, and Benjamin Dizdarevic’s CUT, on an intrepid Bosnian cinephile and projectionist; Anthopology, with Jure Breceljnik and Rožle Bregar’s THE LAST ICE HUNTERS, about the traditional hunting society in East Greenland, and Ksenia Okhapkina’s COME BACK FREE, a meditation on Chechnya, focused on a local cemetery; and Wild Life, with Frédéric Fougea’s PARIS: A WILD STORY and Verity White’s WILD TALES FROM THE VILLAGE, which follow wild animals in the French capital and in the countryside, respectively.


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