New to VOD this week:

Sadie Katz

American Documentary Film Festival 2017

An actress becomes obsessed with having a “magical” encounter with the famed comic actor.

Having learned about Bill Murray’s quirky tendency to surprise strangers with unexpected, unforgettable, and sometimes plain unbelievable experiences – such as crashing a wedding, throwing an ice cream social, or joining a kickball game – actress-turned-filmmaker Katz decides that she simply must have one – and, sadly, that she absolutely must film the entire self-indulgent process. While she initially recruits some friends to join in the supposed fun, Katz’s unhealthy obsessiveness scares them off eventually, leaving her to carry on with just a small crew in her not-at-all-compelling mission to meet her icon and hand him a bunch of balloons. Katz is an unfortunately unappealing, annoying protagonist, making a hopelessly overlong, forced vanity project that never transcends a home movie feel, with poor technical qualities across the board, and a “the journey is more important than the destination” moral that was obvious five minutes in.

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