In Theatres: KANGAROO

Coming to theatres this Friday, January 19:

Kate McIntyre Clere and Michael McIntyre

Santa Barbara 2017

Select Festivals:
NYC Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Rotterdam

An exposé of the brutal treatment of kangaroos in Australia.

While synonymous with Australia, particularly in tourist-friendly images, the kangaroo has a more complicated relationship with the people of its home country than the international community might suspect. Some want to protect the animal, others wish to exploit it for meat, and some see it as vermin needing to be exterminated. Clere and McIntyre reveal these disparate viewpoints in their earnest but at times clunky film, but it becomes fairly clear that their sympathies rest with the conservationists – and it’s hard to imagine how any viewer would disagree, given the disturbing slaughter revealed here – making their film a would-be THE COVE for kangaroos. Unfortunately, the filmmakers incorporate some questionable storytelling techniques – from re-enactments to shock freeze frames and spot color effects – that have a cheapening effect. Despite this, they succeed in revealing the troubling treatment of the iconic Australian animal, as well as how it’s been combatted.

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