In Theatres: POW WOW

Coming to theatres this Friday, January 19:

Robinson Devor

Locarno 2016

Select Festivals:
New Orleans, CPH:DOX, Art of the Real, Mar del Plata, Seattle

Life in the Coachella Valley.

Described as an ethnographic study, Devor ambles around the Inland Empire Colorado Desert terrain best known for Palm Springs and the Coachella spring music festival, briefly training his camera on a wide range of inhabitants, from country club reveler to Las Vegas comedians, Native Americans to elderly transplants. Through this survey, a not altogether coherent thread runs, covering the contested history of the region and the story of Willie Boy, a Native boy who managed to outrun a mounted posse in 1908. While at times breathtakingly shot, the intriguing and thoughtful project never quite manages to come together in a wholly satisfying way, making it more of a strange curio than a fully successful film.

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