2018 Sundance Docs in Focus: THE MORTIFIED GUIDE

Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival | photo by Rebecca Aranda

THE MORTIFIED GUIDE (part of Indie Episodic Program 2)
Storytellers share personal tales of growing up, reading from their old diaries.

Festival Section:
Indie Episodic

Sundance Program Description:

Real people share their childhood writings and art in front of total strangers, offering a comedic look at the biggest issues of adolescence, from first loves to fitting in. Based on the MORTIFIED stage shows, books, podcast, and film, this uproarious docuseries celebrates the awkward insecurities that shaped us all. Utilizing a mix of live storytelling, animation, and documentary footage, each episode tackles a singular topic. We are thrilled to premiere one episode of the series, titled “The Mortified Guide to Family.”

Some Background:
Director/Executive Producer:

  • Michael Mayer

    Mayer previously directed/produced the documentary feature MORTIFIED NATION, based on David Nadelberg’s MORTIFIED, the precursor of this new series. This is his first Sundance credit.

Executive Producer/Creator:

  • David Nadelberg

    Nadelberg is the founder and creative manager of MORTIFIED, and has produced its various adaptations to television and to screen, including MORTIFIED NATION. This is also his first Sundance project.

Executive Producers:

  • Neil Katcher

    Katcher also works for MORTIFIED, and has produced its prior adaptations. This marks his first Sundance credit.

  • Frank Mele

    Mele previously produced or co-produced Sundance narrative feature alums LUV (2012) and SPECIAL (2006). He also executive produced MORTIFIED NATION.

  • Meyer Shwarzstein

    Shwarzstein is the founder of production company Brainstorm Media. He also executive produced MORTIFIED NATION. This is his Sundance project.

  • Jeffrey Korchek

    Korchek is an EVP at Sony Pictures Animation and previously a VP at Mattel. He executive produced MORTIFIED NATION. This is also his first Sundance credit.


  • Tova Goodman

    Goodman has edited documentary features which have debuted at Toronto and Tribeca, and series for MTV and Netflix. This is her first Sundance project.

Segment Producer:

  • Pierce Purselley

    Purselley has previously produced the Austin chapter of MORTIFIED. This is his first Sundance credit.


  • Anna Dale

    Dale has primarily cut for television series, including projects for ABC, Lifetime, TLC, Food Network, and HGTV, as well as THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS for Sundance Channel.

Why You Should Watch:
The stories presented in this docuseries are funny, awkward, and sometimes poignant, celebrating the cathartic power of storytelling and the unique way that we saw the world as adolescents.

More Info:

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