In Theatres & On VOD: POOP TALK

Coming to theatres and to VOD today, Friday, February 16:

Aaron Feldman

LES Film Festival 2017

Comedians riff on the universal but taboo topic.

Feldman gathers a gaggle of comedians, plus a few medical professionals and academics, to talk about poop and the stigma attached to it. Aside from some occasional comments that aim to explain some of the evolutionary reasons why humans have developed an aversion to the stuff, and a few bits of animation, the bulk of the film consists of funny people telling generally amusing and often gross jokes or anecdotes about pooping, toilets, bidets, gendered differences around bodily functions, and the like, some with more discomfort than others. While not unengaging, the project feels largely formless and surface-level, an uncinematic parade of talking heads that could have as easily been a 10 minute short as its current just over an hour long current form.


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