Tempo Documentary Festival 2018 Overview

The 19th Tempo Documentary Festival

March 5-11

Sweden’s largest nonfiction festival presents nearly 50 new features, representing a selection of well-travelled international works and several local titles noted below.


Among the Swedish competition titles are: Maryam Ebrahimi’s STRONGER THAN A BULLET, in which an Iranian war photojournalist reflects on how his work was used by the state; Staffan Julén’s LYUBOV – OR LOVE IN RUSSIA, following a Nobel Prize winning author as she tackles the subject of love; Cecilia Björk’s A GOOD WEEK FOR DEMOCRACY, offering a look at a unique Swedish public political forum; Mette Aakerholm Gardell’s LIVING. LOVING., a look at the residents of the world’s first LGBT senior retirement home.


Other national nonfiction appears throughout the remainder of the program, including the New Doc section, with Ina Porselius’ ALL THINGS DISAPPEAR IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES, which follows the filmmaker on vacation with her mother; Views of the World, with Truls Anderssen’s GÁLLOK, a portrait of a Sami community impacted by mining, and Maria Fredriksson’s NEIGHBORING FEUD, about the struggle between a landlord and tenant; and Music & Arts, with Elin Eriksson and Saga Gärde’s WILD DOGS, a look at efforts to diversify the traditionally all-male music industry.

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