Ambulante 2018 Overview

The 13th Ambulante

March 8-May 17

The annual traveling event, founded by Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, among others, brings nonfiction to underserved communities in eight Mexican states over the course of three months.


In addition to presenting a wide range of favorites from other festivals, Ambulante showcases new Mexican productions through the Pulsos section, with work like: Luis Rincón’s THE MERMAID KINGDOM, about a community of Nicaraguan divers; Pedro González-Rubio’s ANTIGONE, following a university production of the ancient Greek tragedy; Jimmy Cohen’s OMAR AND GLORIA, about a mother/son amateur dance team; Dinazar Urbina Mata’s WE ARE ALWAYS WALKING, on the struggles faced by three indigenous female laborers; and Luciana Kaplan’s RUSH HOUR, which follows three subjects through public transport in different cities.


Other sections include Platform: Justice, featuring Alberto Arnaut’s ARMED TO THE TEETH, an exposé of the governmental killing of two alleged assassins; international strand Aquí/Ahora, with work like Priscilla Telmon and Vincent Moon’s HÍBRIDOS, THE SPIRITS OF BRAZIL, on diverse Brazilian spiritual rituals, and Alice Riff’s MY BODY IS POLITICAL, which profiles various trans Brazilians; and music strand Sonidero, with title such as Otavio Juliano’s SEPULTURA ENDURANCE, on the veteran Brazilian heavy metal band.

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