In Theatres: RAMEN HEADS

Coming to theatres today, Friday, March 16:

Koki Shigeno

Hot Docs 2017

Select Festivals:
IDFA, Freep, Salem, SF Indie, San Sebastian, Denver, Goteborg, Hawaii, Thessaloniki Doc

An ode to the Japanese comfort food.

Shigeno’s film pays tribute to the wonders of ramen, chiefly by profiling Osamu Tomita, a master ramen chef uninterested in keeping any secrets about how he builds the distinctive flavors of his broths and noodles. When focused on Tomita, the project proves to be a mildly diverting exercise in food porn and culinary culture, but, unfortunately, Shigeno doesn’t stop there. Instead, the filmmaker conducts an unnecessary survey of other ramen chefs which lends a cheap, television quality to the production, one only exacerbated by the distractingly overblown narration and music which dominates the proceedings.

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