Special Screening: DO DONKEYS ACT?

Coming to NYC’s DCTV Presents series this coming Monday, March 19:

David Redmon and Ashley Sabin

Rotterdam 2017

Select Festivals:
CPH:DOX, Hot Docs, Sheffield, Docaviv, Montclair, Nashville, SF DocFest, Camden

An unusually intimate experience of life in several donkey sanctuaries.

Filmed over five years in four sanctuaries around the world, Redmon and Sabin ask the viewer to adopt the perspective of a new arrival, one of the countless beasts of burden sadly subjected to cruelty and neglect before finding safe haven and acclimating to its new home over time. Eschewing the need to place the animals within a human perspective, this artful film challenges well-worn stereotypes about the donkey, its behavior, and its consciousness, as demonstrated by both its interactions with the filming process and through a strangely hypnotic, philosophical narration delivered by Willem Dafoe.


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