Coming to PBS’s America ReFramed tomorrow, Tuesday, April 3:

Keith McQuirter

Milwaukee Film (June 2016)

Select Festivals:
Urbanworld, Athens, Brooklyn, American Black, Milwaukee

A portrait of the community with the country’s highest rate of incarcerated African-American men.

Inspired by the disturbing statistic that 62% of adult African American men in the 53206 zip code have been or are currently in the prison system, McQuirter set out to show some of the lives impacted and to expose the systemic biases that have resulted in such a sobering number. His film’s main subject is Beverly Walker, a tireless champion of her husband, Baron, who has been serving time for more than two decades. While Baron does not claim innocence, he has run afoul of legislation which has effectively prevented his parole from overly harsh sentencing and kept him away from his supportive family. Additional subjects in McQuirter’s sensitive if straightforward project are other Milwaukee men who have encountered the criminal justice but have worked hard to make change, becoming community organizers to promote family and community responsibility and stop recidivism.

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