Full Frame 2018 Overview

The 21st Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

April 5-8

This respected Durham NC nonfiction event showcases more than 50 new documentary features.

The festival hosts the world premieres of several docs, including: Hugo Berkeley’s THE JAZZ AMBASSADORS, about the US’s propagandistic use of African-American musicians during the Cold War; Anne de Mare’s CAPTURING THE FLAG, a look at the impact of the repeal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act; Katie Galloway and Dawn Valadez’s THE PUSHOUTS, about a man’s mission to re-engage at risk students who would otherwise likely be pushed out of the school system; Heather Courtney and Anayansi Prado’s THE UNAFRAID, a portrait of three activist DREAMers; Giorgio Angelini’s OWNED: A TALE OF TWO AMERICAS, about the role of race in the history of American homeownership; and Laura Green and Anna Moot-Levin’s THE PROVIDERS, a look at the health care crisis through the example of a rural New Mexican community.

North American premieres include titles such as François-Xavier Destors’ MELTING SOULS, a portrait of an isolated Arctic city; Lisa F Jackson and Sarah Teale’s PATRIMONIO, on the faceoff between a Mexican coastal community and a multinational corporation’s development plans; Jayson McNamara’s MESSENGER ON A WHITE HORSE, on the pivotal role played by a newspaper in exposing the story of Argentina’s disappeared; Anaïs Huerta’s DAVID. THE RETURN TO LAND, on the experiences and search for identity of a black, Jewish man in France; and Chiara Campara and Lorenzo Faggi’s TEMPTING PROMISES, following the preparations of a small Italian village to host a convention of Wikipedia contributors.

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