In Theatres: GOOD LUCK

Coming to theatres today, Friday, April 6:

Ben Russell

Locarno 2017

Select Festivals:
Toronto, New York, Rotterdam, Vancouver, CPH:DOX, Mar del Plata

An immersion into the worlds of miners in Serbia and Suriname.

Explicitly structured in two mirrored halves, Russell’s visually striking 16mm-shot project begins and ends with an alchemical symbol of the Earth, a bisected sphere representing above and below. In between, the first half follows Serbian miners as they descend into a government-owned copper mine, while the second explores the illicit operations of an above-ground gold mine in the jungles of Suriname. Russell creates an enveloping, almost hypnotic effect as he plunges viewers within these realms for over two hours, a durational, experiential immersion that allows the audience to bear witness to the conditions of toil and to the camaraderie and commonalities between the workers despite their geographical and cultural separation.

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