Coming to theatres today, Friday, May 18:

Ian Cheney

CPH:DOX 2018

Select Festivals:

Nine scientists from diverse disciplines explore unanswered questions.

In this roundelay of scientific discovery, one scientist is introduced to a completely different field by second scientist, who then meets a third, and so on, until a circle is formed by the film’s nine participants. Along the way, each has a chance to (too briefly) explain their area of research – geobiology, quantum physics, cognitive psychology, astrobiology, astronomy, etc – and the unknowns which drive their curiosity, often spurring the neophyte into eureka moments of connectivity and understanding. By design, Cheney’s project is a survey, which makes it both a frequently intriguing but also at times frustrating watch – just as quickly as a concept or experiment might capture the viewer’s attention, it gives way in favor of a fresh encounter with the next thinker in the chain. Still, the film reminds us of the fruitfulness and necessity of curiosity, exploration, and not believing one already knows it all.

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