SF DocFest 2018 Overview

The 17th SF DocFest

May 31-June 14

This San Francisco event presents just under 50 nonfiction features.


Among the world or US premieres at the festival are: Michael Vale and Donna McRae’s COBBY: THE OTHER SIDE OF CUTE, which explores the life of a chimpanzee television star; Todd McGrain’s ELEPHANT PATH, on the dangers faced by elephants in the Central African Republic; Sriram Murali’s SAVING THE DARK, on the impact of light pollution on our lives; and Trisha Ziff’s WITKIN AND WITKIN, on twin brothers who express themselves through acclaimed photographic and painting work.


Other films include: Ben Niles’ THE 5 BROWNS: DIGGING THROUGH THE DARKNESS, a candid exploration of the impact of sexual abuse on a group of musical siblings; Ali Cotterill’s NORTH POLE, NY, on a Christmas theme park’s struggle to survive; Sally Rubin and Ashley York’s HILLBILLY, an exploration of the representation of rural America in media; Andrew MacCormak’s SICKBOY, which follows a man with cystic fibrosis as he raises awareness and combats the stigma around the disease; Skizz Cyzyk’s ICEPICK TO THE MOON, about a 1970s Southern misfit arts community; and Laurie Coyle’s ADIOS AMOR: THE SEARCH FOR MARIA MORENO, the story of an unheralded champion for farmworkers’ rights.


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