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Shawn Rech

Freep 2017

Select Festivals:

A portrait of an infamous and influential tennis coach who has trained champions, at a personal price.

The film screened as part of DOC NYC, for which our program notes read:
Richard Wershe Jr, known as “White Boy Rick,” was a legend of Detroit’s drug world in the 1980s. As a white teenager alleged to be running an inner-city drug operation, he was irresistible to the media. Charged with a nonviolent juvenile offense in 1987, Wershe remains in prison at nearly 50 years old. Director Shawn Rech interviews gangsters, hit men, journalists, and federal agents who raise questions as to whether Wershe’s punishment fits his crimes in this compelling look at one man caught up in drug world legends and the criminal justice system.

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  1. Check out this page for more information on Rick Wershe and his case: www. facebook. com/FreeRickWersheJr/

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