Coming to VOD tomorrow, Tuesday, June 12:

John Keating

DreamHack Austin 2018

A look at the lives of two professional StarCraft II players as they prepare for an eSports grand championship.

In South Korea, the popularity of online strategy games like World of Warcraft reached a fever pitch with the release of the games StarCraft and its sequel, spawning a subculture of gaming in Internet cafes and the emergence of eSports. Skilled players like Jang Min-Chul – known as MC – were able to earn enough money playing to become professional gamers. Keating’s film follows MC and younger player Mun Seong Won – better known as MMA – as they contend with the ups and downs of their competitive sport, as well as personal drama behind the scenes, such as impending mandatory military service that threatens to derail a once-promising career. While the film provides basic information to clue in a non-gaming viewer about StarCraft II, the extensive game play shown on screen is virtually incomprehensible at the speed at which these champions play, making for long, repetitive, confusing, and frankly boring stretches of time that detract from the more compelling personal issues that the protagonists face.


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