Coming to Logo TV tomorrow, Thursday, July 19:

Lis Bartlett

Logo TV (July 2018)

The story of a pioneering LGBT swim team.

Formed in 1982 by competitive swimmers training for the first Gay Games, the West Hollywod Swim Club put the lie to the stereotype that one couldn’t be both gay and an athlete. Demonstrating their prowess in the water, and soon changing their name to West Hollywood Aquatics to include water polo, they registered as a Masters club, competing among elite athletes as the first openly gay team and finding continued success. Reviewing their 35 year history, Lis Bartlett’s film simultaneously reflects transformative changes in the LGBT community over that same time span, from the emergence of AIDS and the hysteria, fear, and devastating loss that accompanied it, to the rise and ultimate success of marriage equality. In this way, the likeable project transcends the specificity of its Southern California location and focus on water sports to speak to a more universal story of breaking barriers and overcoming adversity.

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