Coming to DVD today, Tuesday, August 7:

Vic Sarin

Vancouver 2016

Select Festivals:
Denver, Hong Kong, Sedona, Heartland, Maui

Notable cinematographers discuss their craft.

Offered as a love letter to cinema and the art of cinematography, Sarin’s film consists of interviews with some of the masters of the profession as they reflect on their role in creating iconic images in films like APOCALYPSE NOW, CITY OF GOD, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, THE GODFATHER, AMELIE, and more. The doc is at its most engaging when the cinematographers share details on how they achieved certain shots, accompanied by illustrative clips, presenting a kind of masterclass that’s nonetheless accessible to the layperson. Unfortunately, Sarin has a tendency to let his subjects stray away from this and indulge in anecdote after anecdote that grows a bit tiresome. In addition, while the project closes out with brief snippets of interviews with a woman and men of color, the film is otherwise solely focused on older white men, which seems like an unnecessary imbalance that could have been avoided.

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