Sarajevo 2018: Documentary Overview

The 24th Sarajevo Film Festival

August 10-17

Nonfiction makes up about a third of the more than 100 features of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s premier festival, an event founded during the siege of Sarajevo.


The fest’s Documentary Competition includes: Árpád Bogdán’s GHETTO BALBOA, which follows the boxing protege of a former Budapest mafioso; Petko Gyulchev’s KALIN AND THE JAIL TEAM, about one man’s mission to make a difference in a Bulgarian prison; Nebojša Slijepčević’s SRBENKA, in which a theatre company explores the long-ago execution of a Serbian girl; Mladen Kovačević’s 4 YEARS IN 10 MINUTES, which explores the writing and filmed footage of the first Serbian to summit Mt Everest; and László Csuja’s NINE MONTH WAR, about a young Hungarian man who is drafted into the Ukrainian Army.


The event’s BH Film strand focuses on work by national filmmakers or about the country, including: Samir Mehanović’s THROUGH OUR EYES, a personal reflection on the Bosnian War and its parallel to the plight of Syrian refugees; Muhammed İbrahim Şişman’s PICK ONE SYMBOL, which focuses on a rehabilitation center for victims of sexual assault during war; Rens Oomens’ HOPE CAN BE HARD, a portrait of a Yugoslavian-born artist still haunted by the war; Wijnand Slurink’s IN SEARCH OF BETTER DAYS, on the exodus of the younger generation from Bosnia; and Andras S Takacs and Eszter Cseke’s CHILDREN OF THE ENEMY, in which two women reflect on the trauma they suffered during the siege.

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