Los Angeles 2018: Documentary Overview

The 24th Los Angeles Film Festival

September 20-28

Film Independent’s annual festival makes the move to the Fall this year, once again presenting two dozen documentaries among its 70 feature offerings.


Taking the fest’s prime Opening Night slot is Andrew Slater’s ECHO IN THE CANYON, an exploration led by Jakob Dylan of the influential Laurel Canyon music scene, while Roger Michell’s TEA WITH THE DAMES, which profiles iconic British actresses as they reminisce over the impressive careers, appears in the Premieres section.


Ten titles vie in LA’s Documentary Competition, including: Ana Joanes’ WRESTLING GHOSTS, in which a mother unable to connect with her maternal instincts confronts her own traumatic childhood; Linda Midgett’s SAME GOD, about an evangelical college professor who lost her position after publicly showing support for Muslims; Sedika Mojadidi’s FACING THE DRAGON, which follows two Afghan women as they try to enact change through politics and journalism; Nan Zhang’s STAMMERING BALLAD, about a Chinese folk musician’s navigation between urban and rural life; and Katrine Philp’s FALSE CONFESSIONS, which exposes how police interrogations can result in coerced confessions to crimes suspects didn’t actually commit.


Additional nonfiction programming appears in the event’s ode to is own city, LA Muse, including: Brett Fallentine’s FIRE ON THE HILL, which profiles three African-American cowboys in South Central; Hillary Demmon and Robert A Clift’s MAKING MONTGOMERY CLIFT, a reexamination of the life and career of the Hollywood icon through the family’s archives; Kurt Mattila’s STUNTMAN, in which a veteran stuntman attempts to successfully attempt Evel Knievel’s unrealized jump of the Snake River Canyon; Gabriel Taraboulsy’s FUNKE, on the comeback of notable chef Evan Funke; and Remi Kessler’s THE ADVOCATES, which offers a look at LA’s homeless crisis through the work of caseworkers trying to make a difference.


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