NewFest 2018: Documentary Overview

The 30th NewFest

October 24-30

NYC’s LGBT fest celebrates an anniversary year, presenting 15 docs among its 40+ offerings.


Nonfiction in key slots include closing night selection MAKING MONTGOMERY CLIFT, Robert Clift and Hillary Demmon’s intimate reassessment of the life, career, and legacy of the Hollywood legend; and doc centerpiece DYKES, CAMERA, ACTION!, Caroline Berler’s survey of queer women’s cinema.

I HATE NEW YORK | Photo by Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen

Among the fest’s other documentaries are: Gustavo Sánchez’s I HATE NEW YORK, a portrait of three trans artists in NYC’s nightlife scene; Laura Marie Wayne’s LOVE, SCOTT, about the transformation a gay musician goes through after a vicious attack; Tristan Aitchison’s SIDNEY & FRIENDS, on the struggles of trans and intersex Kenyans; and Christian Sonderegger’s COBY, on life after transitioning for a transman in Ohio.

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