Coming to VOD today, Tuesday, December 4:

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

Ace Hotel LA (December 2018)

A profile of the man who revealed the story of Area 51 to the general public.

Part of a series on people with so-called “extraordinary beliefs,” Corbell’s film sets out to find out the truth behind the claims made by Bob Lazar, a man who went public in 1989 about his experiences working at Area 51 on technology that he claimed was from extraterrestrial sources. Featured widely in television news interviews for a time, Lazar is credited as giving fuel to the fire of numerous conspiracy theories of US government involvement and coverups related to UFOs, and inspiring innumerable television, book, and film projects, including this one. Corbell interviews George Knapp, one of the reporters who initially gave a platform to Lazar and has stuck with him despite threats to the scientist’s credibility, and, much more notably, speaks directly with Lazar, though he more or less simply offers him another opportunity to restate his claims rather than really questioning him about them or unpacking their more interesting ramifications on both popular culture and society as a whole. Mimicking the kind of dark, conspiratorial, and paranoid tone that too easily leads to easy dismissal, the film does itself no favors, and unfortunately features its director on camera during the course of his investigation, further lending it an awkward and cheap TV feel.

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