Coming to theatres today, Friday, January 11:

Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar

Berlin 2018

Select Festivals:
Hot Docs, Sheffield, AFI Docs, Reyjkavik, Docs Against Gravity, Cairo, Hamptons, Mar del Plata, Los Angeles, Moscow

Notable Recognition:
The doc was shortlisted for the Academy Awards.

Victims and survivors of Franco’s brutal regime take to Argentine courts to seek justice.

The regime of Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco was marked by arrests, disappearances, and executions. After his passing in 1975, and the establishment of democracy, policies were put into practice to encourage forgetting the past in order for Spain to move forward. As a result, while political prisoners were freed, the perpetrators of torture and murder were granted amnesty – a decision that has remained controversial ever since. In recent years, as detailed in Carracedo and Bahar’s project, with no legal recourse within Spain, survivors turned to the idea of universal jurisdiction over crimes against humanity, and filed suit in Argentine courts against Spanish perpetrators. The doc profiles several of the parties to the suit as the wheels of justice very slowly turn. While affecting at times, this conventionally told film includes far too many subjects, robbing it of focus, and, as it details an ongoing, unresolved lawsuit, ultimately feels unfinished.

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