New to DVD/VOD this week and coming to theatres tomorrow, Friday, February 15:

Charlie Minn

Florida (September 2018)

A play-by-play of the Parkland FL high school mass shooting and its aftermath.

A project that was met with criticism by some survivors and family members, Charlie Minn’s doc is split into two parts: the first maps out the shooting from start to finish, while the second pays tribute to each of the 17 victims through brief interviews with family members and friends. In the former, talking heads with Parkland survivor students and teachers, as well as law enforcement, families, and media, offer a very detailed recounting of the tragedy, through to the perpetrators arrest. These are augmented with a blueprint of the school floor plan, accompanied by simple animation demonstrating the killer’s movements and the devastation he left in his wake. Some student shot cameraphone footage and later media coverage supplement the proceedings. Following the survivor tribute section, the doc ends with Emma Gonzales’ now well-known speech at the March for Our Lives rally. While not feeling exactly sensationalistic, Minn’s project generally has a very basic TV feel, with a surface level treatment that simply revisits the tragedy rather than yielding any particular insights, despite notable access to witnesses.

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