Documentary Fortnight 2019 Overview

The 18th Documentary Fortnight

February 21-28

MoMA’s annual nonfiction showcase has slimmed down a bit this year, with just 17 new and recent features in the lineup.


This year’s event is bookended by Prune Nourry’s Berlin debut SERENDIPITY, a personal reflection of the filmmaker/artist’s work; and Heddy Honigmann’s IDFA premiere BUDDY, a look at guide dogs and their owners.



Among the other offerings are: Mike Plante’s AND WITH HIM CAME THE WEST, on the influence of Wyatt Earp on cinematic portrayals of the Old West; Jane Gillooly’s WHERE THE PAVEMENT ENDS, which explores the history of race relations in Ferguson MO and its neighboring black-only town; Javier Olivera’s THE STRANGER: NOTES ON [SELF] EXILE, a poetic meditation on place and belonging; Tirtza Even’s LAND MINE, an experimental portrait of the filmmaker’s childhood Jerusalem apartment building; Judith Vélez Aguirre’s VOLVER A VER (TO SEE AGAIN), which follows photographers who captured indigenous Peruvians affected by the Shining Path’s guerrilla war; and Puangsoi Aksornsawang’s hybrid NAKORN-SAWAN, an existential rumination on life and death.

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