Ambulante 2019 Overview

The 14th Ambulante

February 21-May 16

Over nearly three months, Mexico’s traveling nonfiction event will present screenings of approximately 30 new and recent feature docs as well as shorts in eight states: Veracruz, Querétaro, Puebla, Coahuila, Jalisco, Chihuahua, Oaxaca, and Mexico City.


Among the Mexican productions or co-productions in the lineup are: Juan Pablo González’s CABALLERANGO, which explores a case of suicide in Jalisco; Eva Villaseñor’s M, a portrait of the filmmaker’s brother, a local rapper dealing with drug addiction; Luna Marán’s TIO YIM, on the filmmaker’s father, an influential Zapotec singer-songwriter and activist; Joyce García’s YO NO SOY GUAPO (I’M NOT HANDSOME), an exploration of the embattled tradition of Mexico City sonidero neighborhood block parties; Rodrigo Hernández Tejero and Elpida Nikou’s SHOTS, about a young man who escaped Mexico City’s violence through photojournalism; Sergio Blanco Martín and Michelle Ibaven’s WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES, which profiles two indigenous people accused of crimes who were not provided with interpreters during their legal proceedings.


Some of the lesser-known international offerings are: Roger Penny and Charlie Thomas’ XTC: THIS IS POP, on the seminal British cult band; Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s THE BORDER WALL, about the response to Austria’s president’s decision to remove the country’s border with Italy; and Mauricio Ovando’s STILL BURN, a personal investigation into the legacy of the filmmaker’s controversial grandfather, a two-time president of Bolivia.


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