ZagrebDox 2019 Overview

The 15th ZagrebDox

February 24-March 3

Approximately 75 new and recent features are presented in Croatia’s notable nonfiction event.


The fest’s Regional Competition includes 13 features, with work from Romania, like Alexandru Mavrodineanu’s CAISA, which follows a veteran boxing coach as he trains a new student after his star pupil leaves him; from Slovenia, Nina Blažin’s HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF?, which profiles a homeless couple; from Croatia, Tomislav Žaja’s NEIGHBORS, an observational portrait of individuals recently released from mental institutions; and Marija Ratković Vidaković and Dinka Radonić’s IKEA FOR YU, the filmmaker’s personal family history as Serbs within Croatia who relocate to Sweden; and from Italy, Luca Magi’s STORIES OF THE HALF-LIGHT, which explores the twilight hours of the homeless on the outskirts of an Italian town.


14 features appear in the International Competition, including: Anna Kryvenko’s MY UNKNOWN SOLDIER, about the filmmaker’s discovery that her great-uncle was a Soviet solider occupier of Czechoslovakia; Andrei Kutsila’s SUMMA, which follows a young Belarusian artist as she visits an elderly Polish painter; and Cille Hannibal’s THE NIGHT WE FELL, in which the filmmaker processes grief by filming her mother following a tragic accident.


The festival’s noncompetitive sections are organized thematically, including strands like Controversial Dox, which offer work such as Deeyah Khan’s WHITE RIGHT: MEETING THE ENEMY, in which the Muslim filmmaker tries to connect with US neo-Nazis; Shen Zhang’s SON SON, which profiles a mother whose adopted son murdered her biological son; Shirly Berkovitz’s EMPTY ROOM, in which the parents of a slain Israeli soldier challenge the courts to use their son’s sperm to create a grandson; and Sofia Haugan’s MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY, which follows the filmmaker as she reunited with her criminal father.


Other strands include Musical Globe, with Fabio De Luca’s CECILIA BARTOLI, accompanying the mezzo-soprano to her performances; State of Affairs, with Florian Opitz’s SYSTEM ERROR, an exploration of the myth of perpetual economic growth; and Slow Dox, with Ewa Podgórska’s DIAGNOSIS, a meditation on the subconscious of the city.

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