Tempo Documentary Festival 2019 Overview

The 20th Tempo Documentary Festival

March 4-10

Over 40 new and recent features are presented in Sweden’s largest nonfiction event, including a large representation of Swedish productions, like the following.


Local work making its world premiere includes: Samori Tovatt’s WAITHOOD, a portrait of a Gambian beach a year after revolution; Ida Persson Lännerberg’s LINDY THE RETURN OF LITTLE LIGHT, a revelatory profile of a secretive artist; Sebastian Ringler’s THE SWEDISH GREASERS, which explores an American car-focused Swedish subculture; Emelie Jönsson and Gustav Ahlgren’s THE REVENGE OF THE DIVA, about the return of a long-vanished opera singer; and Jacob Frössén’s THE HEART IS A DRUM, about a German rock band drummer’s quest to find his old Swedish love.


Other Swedish content includes: Viktor Nordenskiöld’s director’s cut of THE FEMINISTER, on foreign minister Margot Wallström; Anna Eborn’s TRANSNISTRA, about youth in the unrecognized nation; Eloy Domínguez Serén’s HAMADA, about the inhabitants of a refugee camp in the Sahara; Lina Mannheimer’s MATING, which charts the relationship of a pair of millennials via Skype; and Emily Norling’s ALL WE OWN, on the codependent relationship between the filmmaker and a pair of heroin addicts.

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