Docville 2019 Overview

The 15th Docville

March 27-April 4

More than 60 new and recent features make up the lineup of this nonfiction event based in Leuven, Belgium.


Belgian Selection offerings include: Kita Bauchet’s PUBLIC BATHS (BAINS PUBLICS), on the long-standing public baths of Brussels; Guy-Marc Hinant’s CHARLEROI: THE COUNTRY OF 60 MOUNTAINS, a portrait of the titular postindustrial city; Alexandra Kandy Longuet’s VACANCY, which looks at American roadside motels; Matthias De Groof and Mona Mpembele’s PALIMPSEST, on the decolonization of Central Africa’s Royal Museum; and Ellen Vermeulen’s INCLUSIVE, which explores the challenges facing special needs students in mainstream schools.


Among the films in the panoramic Spectrum strand are: Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster’s YOU ARE MY FRIEND, which returns to the classroom of MISS KIET’S CHILDREN for a crosscultural tale of young friendship; Lode Desmet’s BREXIT BEHIND THE SCENES, which follows the European Parliament’s chef negotiator on the decisive issue of Brexit; Nanni Moretti’s SANTIAGO, ITALY, about a retired man who goes on a pilgrimage after he hits rock bottom; Oliver Schwehm’s FLY ROCKET FLY, on the surprising story of Germany’s first private space company in 1975; and Marijn Poels’ PARADOGMA, which explores the limits of free speech in today’s polarized world.


Other sections include Love Factually, with work like Judith Konig’s PLEASURE AND PAIN: THE SCIENCE OF LOVE, which explores the physical impact of love and emotions; and Press Under Pressure, with Manno Lanssens’ ON AIR, on an independent Burundi radio station’s fight for free speech.

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