New to DVD this week:

Leslie Ray Griffith

Ashland 2015

Select Festivals:
Sedona, Fort Lauderdale, Vancouver Women, LA Femme

An exploration of the plight of the African elephant.

Once plentiful across the sub-Saharan portion of the continent, numbering in the millions less than a century ago, the African elephant has faced a steep population decline in more recent decades due to poaching. Ivory, of course, has been at the root of the slaughter, as examined in Griffith’s earnest if at times disjointed film, which focuses on Zimbabwe and Tanzania. The doc follows the illegal ivory trade, and how it intersects with broader criminal activity, from gunrunning and human trafficking to terrorist organizations. Most importantly, Griffith profiles the majestic pachyderms, underscoring the very real possibility of their impending extinction.

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