Coming to theatres today, Friday, March 29:

Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt

Rhode Island 2018

Select Festivals:
Cleveland, Orlando, Anchorage, Montana

A candid look at America’s heroin epidemic through the perspective of recovering addicts helping others navigate rehab.

Focused on the “rehab capital of America,” Delray Beach FL, McGee and Linkenhelt’s eye-opening and at times harrowing film profiles Allie and Frankie, two longtime heroin addicts in recovery who have devoted themselves to helping others get clean. As these two advocates quickly reveal, they are part of a growing, and, for some, lucrative industry that has developed to deal with the heroin epidemic. While some so-called junkie hunters have exploited this situation, working the health insurance system to profit off of users’ cycles of recovery and relapse, Allie and Frankie are not in it for the money. Throughout this compelling and wisely tightly contained doc, which roughly covers about 3 days, they attempt to help other addicts – including one of Allie’s friends – into rehab, with varying levels of success, all while risking their own sometimes tenuous relationship to sobriety.

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