Art of the Real 2019 Overview

The 6th Art of the Real

April 18-28

The Film Society of Lincoln Center includes 20 new features in this annual showcase of innovative nonfiction and hybrid filmmaking.


Among the offerings are several North American premieres, including the opening night selection, Frank Beauvais’ JUST DON’T THINK I’LL SCREAM, an intimate personal essay on love and loss; Ian Soroka’s GREETINGS FROM FREE FORESTS, an excavation of resistance in occupied WWII Yugoslavia; Francisco Marise’s TO WAR, a portrait of a Cuban special forces vet haunted by wartime experiences; Andrés Duque’s KARELIA: INTERNATIONAL WITH MONUMENT, which profiles life in the remote forests on the Finnish/Russian border; Clarissa Campolina and Luiz Pretti’s WHILE WE ARE HERE, a hybrid following a relationship between two immigrants in NYC; and Tamer Hassan and Armand Yervant Tufenkian’s ACCESSION, a global travelogue following letters originally accompanying seed packet mailings dating back to 1806.


Other entries make their US premiere, including Toronto debuts THE STONE SPEAKERS, Igor Drljača’s exploration of landmarks serving as strange tourist attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina; and ERASED, ___ ASCENT OF THE INVISIBLE, Ghassan Halwani’s consideration of the disappeared of the Lebanese Civil War; from CPH:DOX, Sarah J Christman’s SWARM SEASON, which explores honeybees, indigenous cosmology, and NASA; and from Locarno, Nicole Vögele’s CLOSING TIME, which focuses on a small restaurant in Taipei.

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