New to DVD this week:

Robert Miller and Henry Singer

World Premiere:
IDFA 2018

Select Festivals:
Hot Dos, CPH:DOX, Göteborg, Movies That Matter

A notorious Serbian military commander faces charges of genocide.

Following the dissolution of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, a series of conflicts broke out in the region throughout the decade. Between 1992-1995, General Ratko Mladic led Serbian forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina, making him a national hero and celebrated there to this day. His victories, however, included the vicious slaughter of Muslims as part of nationalistic ethnic cleansing. Most notably, he was responsible for the genocide perpetrated in the town of Srenrenica, when more than 7000 men and boys were murdered in July 1995. Robert Miller and Henry Singer’s film follows efforts to see Mladic finally face justice for these actions during a five-year-long case at The Hague. Originally indicted in 1995 by the International Criminal Tribunal, the so-called “Butcher of Bosnia” went into hiding for years until he was arrested in 2012. While focused on the prosecution, and, most affectingly, some of the witnesses to Mladic’s atrocities, the filmmakers also have access to the defense team as they try to argue his innocence. The result is a difficult but worthwhile watch, bearing witness to the consequences of hateful, divisive rhetoric that plagues so much of the world today.

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