Encounters 2019 Overview

The 21st Encounters: South African International Documentary Festival

June 6-16

Approximately 30 nonfiction features screen in Cape Town and Johannesburg for Africa’s largest documentary event.


Among the South African productions/co-productions at the event are several that address the country’s apartheid past, including: Catherine Meyburgh and Richard Pakleppa’s DYING FOR GOLD, on the influence of the mining industry in apartheid-era South Africa; Enver Samuel’s SOMEONE TO BLAME, which follows the re-opened case of the suspicious 1971 death of an anti-apartheid activist; Mark Street and Dan Poole’s THE SPACE, on the development of an artistic space of resistance during apartheid; and Dali Tambo’s OR TAMBO, on the influential South African political leader.


Other South African work includes: Paul Yule’s AMERICANS, MONGRELS & FUNKY JUNKIES, on cult classic national documentary director Jo Menell; Sylvia Vollenhoven and Fredrik Gertten’s JOZI GOLD, on the environmental hazards of South Africa’s mining industry; Fanny Tsimong’s MY CULTURE MY MUSIC, which features local artists reflecting on the importance and power of music; Susan Scott’s STROOP, an investigation into rhino poaching; gugulethu’s ZULU RETURN, which follows hip hop artist Afrika Bambaataa back to South Africa as he confronts serious criminal allegations; and Sara CF de Gouveia’s THE SOUND OF MASKS, which explores the history of Mozambique through the country’s masked dance tradition.

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