Coming to HBO tomorrow night, Tuesday, June 11:

Leila Conners

World Premiere:
Cannes 2019

A look at how the world can reverse climate change.

Despite the efforts of climate change denialists, the scientific community overwhelmingly has demonstrated the reality of the escalating crisis mankind has caused due to carbon emissions and the exploitation and depletion of fossil fuels. There have been countless documentaries exploring the impending doom the planet faces unless we change our ways and force political leaders to take steps to ameliorate the situation through legislation – a particularly challenging task under the present fact-free and science-phobic administration. Into the breach comes another climate change doc, which, like 2016’s BEFORE THE FLOOD, features Leonardo DiCaprio. Unlike the previous film, DiCaprio appears here only as narrator, and, in what will likely be a welcome approach for the more casual viewer, this current project attempts to focus on solutions more than ion scaring audiences with doom-and-gloom prognostications. That’s not to say that it completely avoids the latter, of course, but to director Leila Conners’ credit, there’s something of a lighter and more hopeful approach – perhaps too optimistic, but it’s a change of pace. She helms a well produced project here, with some nice graphics and cinematography, but her film suffers from a certain episodic blandness, consisting primarily of a survey of what feels like dozens of scientists, as well as the odd firefighter or fisherman, who each too-briefly comment on some element of their work connected with climate change before the scene change and DiCaprio introduces the next in line. While likely to appeal primarily to those viewers who are already concerned about climate change, the doc’s solutions-oriented approach might draw in some who have felt a certain amount of looming-disaster fatigue, but probably won’t leave a dramatic impression nor reach skeptics.

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