Coming to OVID today, Friday, June 28:

Vincent Boujon

World Premiere:
Lussas 2014

Select Festivals:
Inside Out, BFI Flare, MIX Brasil, LGBT fests in Rio, Hong Kong, Glasgow, Taiwan, Lisboa, Copenhagen, Amsterdam

A group of HIV-positive gay men train to skydive.

In filmmaker Vincent Boujon’s simple but well-shot film, he trains his camera on five gay men with HIV who discusses their status, relationships, and history while participating in skydiving training. Repetitive scenes of class safety training are balanced out with some more cinematic shots of the jumping itself, but it’s the interpersonal interactions that are meant to be the true focus of the film rather than the confronting-one’s-fears backdrop. While the men’s conversations are intimate and candid, and offer viewers insight into their experiences living with HIV, the film as a whole never feels natural. This group of strangers wouldn’t be in this setting absent being subjects in this doc, and this unfortunately lends a forced, manufactured sense to the proceedings.

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