Jerusalem 2019: Documentary Overview

The 36th Jerusalem Film Festival

July 25-August 4

Approximately 30 documentaries are presented among the more than 100 new and recent features in the line-up of this notable Israeli event.


Israeli nonfiction vies for recognition in the Documentary Competition: Anna Oliker’s THE UNRECOGNIZED, which looks at a women-focused initiative to modernize Bedouin villages; Yael Kipper and Ronen Zaretsky’s ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, about a program to elevate high school success rates among an ethnic minority in Galilee; Emmanuelle Mayer’s A FISH TALE, an intimate look at an African family in Israel debating whether or not to return home; Yoav Gurfinkel’s HASSAN ARFA COMPOUND, about the marginalized people in a soon-to-be demolished area of businesses; Kobi Faraj and Morris Ben Mayor’s SPOTTING YOSSI, a tribute to an iconic Israeli performer; Nurit Kedar’s LIEBER-MAN, which explores the life and politics of the controversial right-wing politician Avigdor Lieberman; and Ariel Semmel’s PARANO, an autobiographical portrait focused on alien abduction and paranoia.


Among the other Israeli docs screening are: Shlomit Carmeli and Raphael Carmeli’s SWORDSMAN: GABRIEL MOKED, a profile of an influential literary world figure; Lina Holopov’s MADA RUSSIA, a personal film exploring the filmmaker’s roots to her homeland of Russia; and Efrat Shalom Danon and Gili Danon’s AN ORDINARY LIFE, which follows refugees seeking asylum in Tel Aviv and Berlin.

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