DokuFest 2019 Overview

The 18th DokuFest

August 2-10

Prizren, Kosovo hosts this respected nonfiction event, which annually showcases approximately 85 recent features in addition to several tributes and retrospectives.


As in the past, the fest curates a strong selection of international work that has debuted at other notable events, and also includes a number of projects highlighting nonfiction from the Balkans. Amng the latter is such work as: From Turkey, Rûken Tekeş’ AETHER, an exploration of an ancient conservation area abut to be submerged by a dam project, and Burak Çevik’s BELONGING, which looks back at a 15 year old murder case, and Aylin Kuryel’s HEADS AND TAILS, about the connection between Turkish hair providers and Israeli wig makers for Orthodox Jewish women; from Serbia and Germany, Ivan Marković’s CENTAR, an observational look at a building through its maintenance workers; from Greece, Ireland, and the United States, Paul Duane’s WHILE YOU LIVE, SHINE, about an American musicologist obsessed with the folk music of a Greek mountain region; from Romania, Nora Agapi’s TIMEBOX, in which the filmmaker’s portrait of her documentarian father goes in unanticipated directions; and, from Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia, Želimir Žilnik’s THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, which follows migrants navigating Austria’s bureaucracy to gain residence.

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