Sarajevo 2019: Documentary Overview

The 25th Sarajevo Film Festival

August 16-23

Celebrating an anniversary year, this Bosnian and Herzegovinan event – founded during the siege of Sarajevo – presents 35 documentaries among its approximately 100 new or recent features.


Among the festival’s Documentary Competition are: Dragos Turea’s THE SOVIET GARDEN, in which the Moldovan filmmaker uncovers a secret Soviet plan that turned his nation into a collective atomic guinea pig; Siniša Gacic’s DAUGHTER OF CAMORRA, following a former Mafia killer as she attempts to return to her family and society following prison; Denisa Morariu-Tamas and Adrian Robe’s THE GOLDEN GIRL, about a Romanian gymnast’s attempts to reclaim her Olympic gold medal following a doping scandal; Pelin Esmer’s QUEEN LEAR, about a Turkish peasant women’s traveling theatre troupe; Réka Szabó’s THE EUPHORIA OF BEING, in which a 90-year-old Auschwitz-Birkenau survivor takes part in a performance about her life; and Višnja Skorin’s IF ONLY DREAMS CAME TRUE, following the comeback efforts of a woman who used to work in the entertainment industry.


Nonfiction appearing in BH Film, focused on work by or about Bosnian and Herzegovinians, includes: Zdenko Jurilj’s PEOPLE THAT PLANTED TREES, which explores Bosnian War veterans suffering from PTSD and, in some cases, living in the same communities as former enemies; Sladana Lucic’s LITTLE STAR RISING, about a hijab-wearing female Ironman triathlete; Muhammed Ibrahim Sisman’s INVISIBLE CHILD, about children of rape victims during the Bosnian War; Bojan Bodružic’s THE MUSEUM OF FORGOTTEN TRIUMPHS, which explores Yugoslavian history through a longitudinal study of his grandparents’ lives; and Emir Kapetanovic’s REGENERATION, looking at youth-led attempts to provide post-war reconciliation for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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